Application for Pass

A foreigner who wishes to engage in businesses or take up employment is Singapore must obtain an employment pass issued by the Controller of Immigration. An employment pass holder may apply for dependant's passes for his/her spouse and children below 21 years old. A dependant's pass holder must apply for an employment pass if he wishes to work or a student's pass if he wishes to study in Singapore. Allied Corporate Services is able to help our client to apply various passes during their course of stay in the nation. 

Employment's Passes 

The application must be sponsored by a local sponsor (normally the applicant's employer). The application must be accompanied by a letter from the employer or sponsor stating the applicant's duties and responsibilities in the company and the reasons for employing him/her. Supporting documents such as certified copies of academic or professional qualifications and working testimonials from previous employers, if any should be produced.

Dependant's Pass

An application for a dependant's pass must be made on the prescribed form. It is submitted together with a photocopy of the applicant's marriage certificate and the children's birth certificates. 

Student's Pass 
Children of an employment pas holder who wish to study in Singapore must apply for student's passes. The application for a student's pass is made on the prescribed form, and is submitted together with a letter from the school confirming the course of study undertaken by the applicant in the school.


Cancellation of Employment/Dependant's Passes 

When the employment pass holder is to be repatriated or wishes to cancel his/her employment pass, he must present his passport to the Immigration Department for cancellation of this employment pass before the leaves Singapore. A letter from the employer or sponsor is also required before the cancellation of the employment or dependant's pass can be affected. 


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