Shares Registration

It is common for corporations listed on SGX-ST to engage professional business service providers such as ourselves to undertake the share registration function as it is not as cost-effective or efficient for these corporations to set up and maintain an in-house share registration function. To have an in-house share registration function, corporations will have to invest on facilities and professional staff to handle infrequent and non-standard share registration tasks. The share registration work process requires interface with the SGX-ST and the Central Depository of Singapore. By outsourcing the share registration function, corporations are assured that their needs are met in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Our Share Registration services include the following:

  • Acting as share registrars for initial public offerings, share placements and as on-going registrars
  • Acting as share transfer agents for companies not incorporated but listed in Singapore
  • Assisting in rights issues, bonus issues, warrant issues and dividend payments
  • Maintaining the registers of members, warrant holders and loan stockholders

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