Allied Group provides competitive professional services to all our clients at reasonable fees with quality of service in mind. Our various service lines are staffed by personnel experienced in company formation, preparation of annual returns and minutes of Board and shareholders' meetings, maintenance of the statutory registers, procedures connected with changes in share capital, payment of dividends and conversion of private into public companies. we provide our clients with our corporate advisory and consulting services through a ready-made administration office, staffed with our experienced and knowledgeable personnel

To better serve our clients with focused and integrated services, we have organised our lines of business into three major business entities:

Corporate Services

Allied Corporate Services helps guide businesses through every stage of the business cycle. We assist clients in organizing, maximizing and protecting the value of their assets, and provide professional services to companies that need guidance in specific aspects of their business. We integrate experience and knowledge with leading-edge technology to produce cost-effective solutions for our clients and their customers. To help our clients realise values in business, Allied Corporate, in collaboration with our associates and alliance partners, is committed to provide a comprehensive range of end-to-end business solutions in the region.

Consulting Services

Allied Consulting helps clients understand how to design new business models and leverage the latest technology to enhance business performance and create lasting values. We bring with us innovative business solutions to link strategy, process, people, and technology combined with our strong industry knowledge and proven methodology. We assist our clients to streamline their business processes and enhance operational efficiency using Industry Best Practices with our richer knowledge base and our proven methodology. Our result-drive focus services will help attain superior results that meet your business objectives.

Outsourcing Services

Allied Outsourcing stands ready to help you maintain strategic focus, improve performance and realize your aspirations through our Business Outsourcing services. We have transformed what was once viewed strictly as a way to cut costs into a strategic management option to achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage. 


Allied Group Apply Human-Centered Design to
Help you achieve Excellence.